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Adam & Nick



On Sunday, January 12, 2020 in front of the United States Capital in Washington DC, Nick completed his goal of running 3,000 Miles - the day before he turned 74 Years Old.  Nick's objective is to raise awareness we need to fund research to find the cause and eventual prevention of autism BEFORE it becomes the disability of the


Please Contribute if you can...Thanks


Adam & Nick

"Thanks to my family and friends for all your support. 

I never could not have done it without you"...Nick

3000 MILES


A 73 Year Old Dad is Running 3,000 Miles

The Equivalent of Running Across America  

To Help Find The Cause of Autism

PO Box 16544, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

My name is Nick Nickerson and I am running 3,000 Miles with the goal of raising $3,000,000 ($1,000 per mile) to be donated to autism research.

OK...I Agree.  This amount is outrageous.  

But, would you rather think BIG or think small??

Autism is a BIG problem.

Click Picture To Listen To Ron      Stutts Interview of Nick    
   on WCHL Radio  97.9 FM  

Adam & Nick Present Geri Dawson, Director-

Duke Center For Autism & Brain Development, The First of Many Checks.

Thanksgiving Morning I passed the 1,000 Mile Mark With The Hillsborough Running Club on Their Early Morning Turkey Trot.  Thanks All.
Adam with Bronze Metal won at 2019 North Carolina State Special Olympics..congrats Adam!!
3,000 Miles for Autism

Nick finishing 2nd in his age group at the San Francisco Half Marathon – July 31, 2016

In January, 2019 I turned 73 years old.  My son, Adam, is autistic.  We know the trauma associated with raising an autistic child and the strain it places on the family unit.  I don’t want any family to go through the struggles of raising an autistic child so I am dedicating the rest of my life to raising money to be donated to research to find the cause of autism.
The CDC (Center For Disease Control in Atlanta) latest report concludes that 1 in 59 children are impacted to some extent by autism.  That is 1.7% of the population.  Since these children are generally healthy, there is no reason to think their life expectancy will not be equal to the general population.  This is not a sustainable or acceptable burden on our society and its citizens.  We must find the cause and eventually prevention of Autism as soon as possible.

Nick’s son Adam holding the Torch of the 2015 Special Olympic World Summer Games as it passed thru Chapel Hill, NC

3,000 Miles for Autism
Today’s  “best practices” and early intervention for children with autism have proven positive results.  These efforts need trained people and financial support.  But just as importantly, we need financial support for the research to find the cause of Autism.  This will eventually lead to preventive measures. 
I know many worthwhile non-profits are vying for your donation dollars these days.  It is hard to decide which is more deserving.  I hope you will find it in your heart and wallet to help support my efforts to find the cause of Autism.  And, if you can, run or walk with me as I make this journey of a lifetime.
Initial donations will benefit the Duke Center For Autism and Brain Development in Durham, NC.  The Director, Geraldine Dawson, PhD and her staff are doing ground breaking work in identifying the contributing factors to autism. 
You can make donations to my non-profit “3000MilesForAutism” or directly to the Duke Autism Center.  See the donation page for details.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, prayers and support.

our supporters

3,000 Miles for Autism
3,000 Miles for Autism
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