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If you would like to run or walk with Nick, please contact me.  I have no scheduled training runs but weekends are usually the best. Most of my runs are around Chapel Hill, but I am glad to drive a reasonable distance to participate with you or a group you might put together.
We can decide on a place to meet and distance we will go.  My pace is not fast, so anyone with any running experience should not feel intimidated.  I’m not.  Send me an email at Subject Line RunWithNick and we can co-ordinate a run.
If you are not in the North Carolina area, virtual runs are available.  That is where you run in one location (say Hawaii, San Francisco or Paris, wherever you live) and I run here in Chapel Hill.  The wonder of cell phones – we can even watch each other run!!!
3,000 Miles for Autism
If walking is more your style, that would be great.  I often walk in the evening to add miles and while my pace is not a “leisurely stroll”, almost anyone will be able to participate.  Again, email me at Subject line RunWithNick.


It is impossible for one person to generate the interest, enthusiasm and level of donations I am hoping to create about defeating autism.  If you have a skill or would in any way like to volunteer, please let me know and we will work something out. 
3,000 Miles for Autism
Sometimes people have cars, RV or even homes they would like to donate to a charity.  If you should be aware of any, I am open to whatever it takes to make that happen. 
Please send an email to, outline your ideas and suggestion for how you can help and we will make something good happen.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.
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